Utah - United States


Launched 2016 - Partnered 2020

Co- Founders

Troy Harvey, Jeremy Fillingim

PropTech Vertical

ClimateTech, Smart Building

A/O Team Members

Gregory Dewerpe, Othmane Zrikem

Founded in 2016, PassiveLogic is changing the future of the built environment by powering autonomous building systems and providing the foundation for smart cities.

The current technology behind building controls has remained unchanged for decades.

PassiveLogic reimagined how we design, build, operate, maintain, and manage our buildings using revolutionary “deep physics” Digital Twins, and AI-enabled future-forward controls.

In a world increasingly impacted by climate change, PassiveLogic has developed a way to save one-third of building energy consumption by making building controls truly intelligent.

PassiveLogic’s autonomous platform is built into their Hive edge controller that enables connectivity to building systems.

Within a building, Hive controllers work together to provide an edge platform for sensors, equipment, and IoT – allowing whole-building resilient control without requiring cloud connectivity.

The Hive Digital Twin engine understands how a building’s equipment and systems interact, allowing local in-building AI to make real-time control and management decisions that co-optimize comfort, maintenance, efficiency, and operational costs.

In pilot projects, PassiveLogic’s approach demonstrated 30% energy savings, as well as 90% labour savings in programming installation, and commissioning compared to conventional solutions.

Beyond autonomous operation and management, PassiveLogic’s platform paves the way for human-centric architecture, interactive energy networks, utility demand-response, and the future of smart cities.

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