Mobilising Climate Finance

October 3, 2021
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Mobilising Climate Finance

October 3, 2021

To stand a chance at success, the push to decarbonise needs the weight of capital behind it. Some of this will come from the public purse. But at a time when state finances are particularly strained, governments and policymakers should look to leverage the power of the private sector to drive innovation and lead the way to net-zero.

Climate risks will lead to down valuations for assets, increasing insurance premiums and higher capital costs as lenders shift towards green finance. We need to rethink the definition of ROI to include the cost of not doing anything, as this is likely to lead to stranded assets.

Last year’s session at COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference was Mobilising Climate Finance, and delegates should recognise the crucial role of venture capital. A/O PropTech uses funds strategically to support climate innovation where it matters most. Its evergreen fund structure differentiates it from traditional VCs, removing the time pressures and ensuring that companies grow sustainably.

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