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Who we are
Aquicore was founded in 2013 in the early hours of the morning on the belief that smarter and more connected buildings will have a global impact in curbing our climate challenges and make buildings technologically ready for the next century.
We create global impact by bettering the built environment every day.
Our next generation of software which facilitates smarter building operations is used by the largest real estate owners and operators around the world. We are changing the industry from the ground up and we’re looking for the right people to achieve our mission!
We’re amped by the work we do and driven to constantly propel our values and culture. While awards aren’t the goal, we are humbled to be recognized as one of the coolest places to work by organizations such as DC Inno. Our people come first and it’s the combination of our culture and our mission that has been our greatest differentiator. We take our core values as a company seriously and aspire to level-up our Aquicorians in their careers and professional growth.
Our Challenge
We are looking for a Knowledge Engineer that will create the foundational aspects of our digital twin ecosystem that helps deliver truly unique products to market. We believe that seamless access to vast amounts of IoT data and digital equipment information is critical to creating dramatic changes in the buildings we live and work in and change the stale and broken status-quo of enterprise software in this space. A successful Knowledge Engineer will have experience in developing and maintaining domain models, ontologies, taxonomy’s, information retrieval, and utilizing standards-based knowledge engineering tools.
The Impact you’ll have
As a Knowledge Engineer, you’ll work directly with our Data Science & Engineering teams to create high quality deliverables that improve our ability to deliver business value to customers. You’ll become a force-function of scale and change at the organization to help magnify the already successful Data Science team to become better in the area of Ontology. Most importantly, you’ll get a real chance to use your creativity and expertise to build a product that revolutionizes real estate.
Who you will work with 
Our Data Science & Engineering teams are a well oiled machine that is laser focused on delivering business value. Based out of our HQ in DC our Data Science & Engineering teams run effectively and efficiently. The team is seasoned, organized, and critical to the success of the organization.

The skills we are looking for…

    • 3-5 years of experience in taxonomy or ontology development
    • Prior Experience building and maintaining scalable enterprise knowledge graph systems
    • Understanding of semantic standards Proficiency in using and developing semantic models Experience developing data transformations and projections
    • Technical proficiency with knowledge engineering tools like SQL, SPARQL, OWL, RDF
    • Experience with systems integrations and can explore APIs, documentation, system logs, etc to come up with a solution
    • Strong analytical skills related to working with unstructured datasets.
    • Appreciate that engineering is all about tradeoffs and realize there is a time and place for streaming, batch, and offline.
    • Exceptional technical documentation
    • Ability to work fluidly with domain experts to build and define an ontology and schema.
    • Must-have attributes include hustle, grit, determination, courage, entrepreneurial ambition, and a deep desire to win.

Within 1 Month you will…

    • Complete our training & certification program designed to get you up to speed with our business and our customers. You’ll learn about our business, product, vision, and team, and gain an understanding about how your role fits into the AQ family.
    • Get familiar with our current data sets, software architecture, and ontologies
    • Speak fluently about our customer segments and the businesses that buy and sell real estate who use our product. 
    • Understand the fundamentals about real estate, how buildings work, and why the real estate industry buys and sells iconic skyscrapers across the cities of the US.
    • Understand the key personas within real estate who use our product and why they use it.
    • Have one-on-ones with members of data science, engineering, and product teams to learn how data engineering fits into the product-development process
    • Participate in weekly team meetings that get you up to speed with our development process
    • Establish a regular cadence of reporting your weekly accomplishments and challenges to your manager.

Within 3 Months you will…

    • Design, launch, and measure the impact of an improvement to our existing ontologies. You’ll understand the current state of the functionality and the unmet need; explore ways to iterate and build on what is there; and converge on the best solution given what you’ve learned 
    • Collaborate with our Subject Matter Experts and Data Science to understand their needs and develop enhancements that make their life easier.

Within 6 Months you will…

    • Research, design, and launch enhancements to our ontology management process. You will lead and execute the architecture and partner with engineering & data science to ensure that the right MVP is built and launched.
    • Be able to advocate and defend your decisions, logic, and architecture — even to the CEO. You’ll speak with professionalism, maturity, and a balanced view that is considerate of competing viewpoints of others in the organization while demonstrating your expertise.
    • Proactively identify and unblock knowledge sharing and communication challenges to unlock a scalable data engineering organization
    • Educate, mentor and train team members across the entire company on data engineering methodology and philosophy

Within 12 Months you will…

    • Form strong opinions about our Roadmap and what we should be building based on your technical knowledge
    • Become a critical voice and contributor to strategic discussions across Product.
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