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Who we are
Aquicore was founded in 2013 in the early hours of the morning on the belief that smarter and more connected buildings will have a global impact in curbing our climate challenges and make buildings technologically ready for the next century. 
We create global impact by bettering the built environment every day.
Our next generation of software which facilitates smarter building operations is used by
the largest real estate owners and operators around the world. We are changing the industry from the ground up and we’re looking for the right people to achieve our mission!
We’re amped by the work we do and driven to constantly propel our values and culture. While awards aren’t the goal, we are humbled to be recognized as one of the coolest places to work by organizations such as DC Inno. Our people come first and it’s the combination of our culture and our mission that has been our greatest differentiator. We take our core values as a company seriously and aspire to level-up our Aquicorians in their careers and professional growth. 
Our Challenge
We are looking for a Product Manager to help shape and build the next generation of the Aquicore platform, creating an experience that delights our users and drives daily engagement. As we grow the Product Management team we will need guidance into the product features and fixes that will deliver the most value to our customers. 
The Impact you'll have
You will be responsible for owning and developing product features from concept to launch. As the guiding light to engineering, you will help understand scope and priority while measuring and validating that we are meeting our customer needs. You will collaborate with teams across the organization to help identify and deliver value through product launches. Your ability to flow in and out of strategy and tactics will enable you to gather the information required to create and launch successful products to the market. Finally, as a product evangelist, you will ensure that our customers and the organization have a great understanding of our product and the priority of your roadmap and features. 
Who you will work with 
Our Product team is well oiled machine that is laser focused on delivering business value. Based out of our HQ in DC our Product team runs effectively and efficiently. The team is seasoned, organized, critical to the success of the organization.

The skills we are looking for...

    • At least 2+ years of work experience in a software related role.
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
    • Fantastic analytical skills with the ability to solve problems, recognize patterns, and generalize solutions.
    • Experience building Internet/SaaS-based products.
    • Proven experience working with a cross-functional team of engineers to build products.
    • Experience with Agile methodologies and tools.
    • Work experience in programming, database design, statistics, software engineering, and project management.
    • A Bachelor’s of Science or Arts degree. Computer Science degree preferred.
    • Must-have attributes include hustle, grit, determination, courage, entrepreneurial ambition, and a deep desire to win.

Within 1 Month you will...

    • Complete our training & certification program designed to get you up to speed with our business and our customers. You’ll learn about our business, product, vision, and team, and gain an understanding about how your role fits into the AQ family.
    • Get familiar with our current Product Management process and methodology.
    • Know every corner of our app. You’ll get a sense of our strengths and identify opportunities for improvement
    • Speak fluently about our customer segments and the businesses that buy and sell real estate who use our product. 
    • Understand the fundamentals about real estate, how buildings work, and why the real estate industry buys and sells iconic skyscrapers across the cities of the US.
    • Understand the key personas within real estate who use our product and why they use it.
    • Have one-on-ones with members of design, engineering, and product teams.
    • Learn about the customer journey by observing sales and customer success interactions. You’ll become familiar with the personas in the buying process and that use the product, and what their backgrounds and needs are
    • Participate in weekly team meetings that get you up to speed with our development process.
    • Establish a regular cadence of reporting your weekly accomplishments and challenges to your manager.

Within 3 Months you will...

    • Launch product features and bug fixes from start to end as the primary owner.
    • Understand Aquicore’s technology stack and how it allows us to build great product; this will enable you and the team to run faster cycles and have better alignment with our Engineering team.
    • Continue to work with other teams to understand how the product is positioned, sold and supported as a way to develop a deeper understanding of what we do.
    • Conduct user research to help build out your team’s roadmap and groom your team’s backlog.

Within 6 Months you will...

    • With the support of your Product Management team you will help shape and launch a feature set, to market.
    • You will work with Leadership, Design, Engineering, Marketing and Customer Success to design, build, and launch the right MVP.
    • Draft and share internal documentation on the launch strategy for the new features in collaboration with the Go to Market teams.
    • Work hand in hand with tech leads to help the engineering team measure and create a continuous feedback loop for improvement. 
    • Report on the outcomes of one of your product launches. You will discuss how well goals and hypotheses were met, and what learnings to use in the next launch.
    • Use your user research findings to make strong arguments for product and feature direction.

Within 12 Months you will...

    • Comfortably own and launch a feature set from concept to market, understanding their business goals and measuring their success.
    • Using our product knowledge and user research help guide and shape your team’s roadmap.
    • Make critical product decisions weighing in the input of multiple stakeholders in order to deliver critical value to our customers and Aquicore. 
    • Create and maintain product documentation and product marketing materials for the product features you own. 
    • Mentor and guide others in the organization on the why of the Product. 
    • Continue to improve and own the analytics required for you and the product team to make metric driven decisions about our users. 
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