Initial Investment
Jose Ojeda, Lucas Carné Carcas, Josep Barbera, Jose Manuel Villanueva, Alex Valls
Proptech Verticals
Current Stage

Building low-carbon smart wooden buildings

011h is a new-generation construction company.

The company is revolutionizing the construction industry by using technology to build high-quality smart buildings and create healthy, sustainable lives.

Founded in 2020, with an end- to-end construction model, 011h aims to lead the digitalization and industrialization of the construction sector to achieve reduced costs and timescales and greater reliability.

011h’s philosophy relies on the establishment of a new model of collaboration within the construction industry, based on transparency and focusing on people.

Formed by a team of entrepreneurs with long and successful careers, 011h today employs 20 professionals with technological profiles, including architects and engineers.

For the moment, the company is focused on its activities in Spain but has plans for expansion in Europe and other international markets.

The company’s name is, in itself, a statement of intentions regarding the disruptive nature of the project. 011h uses numbers instead of letters because it intends to break away from the numbers in the industry: the costs, the timescales, and the CO2 emissions.

Additionally, 0 and 1 represent the digitalization of the industry, and 011 are the first three figures in the Fibonacci sequence, a series which appears in nature, such as the branches of trees, and is a source of inspiration in architecture and design.

Furthermore, it is a sequence where each number in the series is the sum of the two previous numbers: much like each building by 011h, which will improve as a result of the experience of previous projects.

Finally, the letter H unites the values that make up the company’s philosophy: “human housing in a healthy habitat”.

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