Toronto, Canada
Initial Investment
G Wu, Jing He
Proptech Verticals
Current Stage
Series A

Increasing conversion with AI guided discovery

The primary goal of Adeptmind is to utilize current deep learning techniques to generate a more self-aware search engine, renovate search to better understand customers’ needs, and link shoppers to products quickly.

Online retailers can also improve conversion, save millions typically spent on metadata tagging and will offer customers the experience of their best in-store sales managers online.

Some of the highlights of Adeptmind’s technology include:

• Accurate search results achieved by applying the latest deep learning, active learning, reinforcement learning, and transfer learning techniques

• Easy integration and setup that doesn’t change the look and feel of your site so customers won’t feel any difference

• Frictionless navigation experience and improved discoverability using free-form search queries, filters, and question answering

• Continuous learning that is self-aware and seeks help from customer service agents if needed

• Self-adapting metadata that automatically scrapes user opinions and sentiments daily to adjust search rankings to align with whatever is popular

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