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Improving building energy and carbon emissions

Aquicore is a smart building platform that enables leading commercial real estate portfolio and property teams to remotely monitor their facilities and transform outdated operations and maintenance routines into sophisticated resource-saving projects.

The only industry player built from the ground up as a portfolio-wide solution, Aquicore intelligently links on-site actions and behavior to financial, energy, and operational outcomes, helping executives and property teams know how buildings are performing, where to invest resources, coordinate project execution across a portfolio, and measure the impacts of digital solutions across a portfolio.

  • Optimize performance: Aquicore uses machine learning and advanced diagnostics to identify hidden energy savings, helping you reduce costs, achieve building performance targets, and grow the value of your portfolio.
  • Centralize utility bills and budgets: One platform for all your utilities. Aquicore centralizes utility accounts and budgets across your portfolio and makes forecasting, accruals and variance reporting easier than ever before.
  • Verify HVAC efficiency: Stay ahead of equipment issues, comfort complaints, and building inefficiencies, and find impactful savings. Aquicore helps you go under the hood of core building systems.
  • Streamline tenant bill-back: Save time and increase recoverable during your tenant bill-back workflow. Aquicore automates meter readings, tariff calculations, and invoicing, simplifying the billing process for you and your tenants.

The Aquicore cloud-based platform is currently deployed at more than 1000 commercial buildings nationwide, optimizing more than 275 million square feet of real estate.

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