Munich, Germany
Initial Investment
Sharique Husain, Dr. Krishna Sridhar
Proptech Verticals
ConTech, AI
Current Stage

AI that understands construction

CONXAI is making it easy even for non-tech users to configure and scale AI-powered analytics solutions for a variety of construction use cases in HSE, logistics and quality.

CONXAI’s No-Code AI Platform is the first for the AEC industry.

The platform applies AI-based fusion of transactional, sensor and historical project data, and different forms of knowledge, and analyses and interprets those to generate descriptive and prescriptive insights.

Zero Coding at the frontend and Explainable Neuro Symbolic AI under the hood

CONXAI’s Explainable AI replaces the “use-case based point solutions” approach of 1st and 2nd generation AI with a new system that is more robust to data drift and variations.

This allows it to tackle multiple use cases within the construction domain at once, without the need to handcraft a new point solution for each one.

Much faster and at a fraction of the cost of existing approaches!

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