Berlin, Germany
Initial Investment
Christian Gruener, Sebastian Wuerz
Proptech Verticals
Current Stage

Efficient insulation for energy savings and comfort.

VARM is more than just a Berlin-based crafts company; they are passionate advocates for change, dedicated to helping you reduce your heating costs and CO2 emissions by up to 50%.

With a team of experienced craftsmen, they specialize in efficient insulation for energy savings and comfort, bringing decades of expertise in craftsmanship and energetic building renovation.

They work closely with leading insulation material manufacturers, ensuring quality and efficiency.

VARM believes that every insulated house is a step towards combating climate change, not only protecting the environment but also reducing energy costs and creating a more comfortable living climate.

They aim to make homes more energy-efficient and sustainable, one insulated house at a time, for a world we can proudly leave to future generations. Their streamlined, digital processes enable them to complete blow-in insulation projects in just 30 days. They handle planning and funding with no hidden additional costs, offering a transparent package that includes significant heating cost savings.

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