Lyon, France
Initial Investment
Guillaume Lafont, Thomas Jusselme
Proptech Verticals
ClimateTech, ConTech
Current Stage

More Data, Less Carbon

Vizcab is a SaaS platform that enables construction and real estate players to catalyse their carbon transition at the scale of the different phases of a project thanks to data science, based on a technology developed by the building 2050 group led by Thomas Jusselme at EPFL Fribourg and the Building 2050 group by Thomas Jusselme;

The Vizcab range is positioned where current eco-design tools are no longer sufficient to take the step towards generalised Life Cycle Assessment.  

  • Vizcab Explo: a decision support tool that enables project owners and their advisors to build secure and competitive carbon energy strategies, right from the upstream phases of real estate operations.
  • Vizcab Eval: LCA calculation software used by engineering firms and general contractors to optimise and validate the achievement of “regulatory” carbon levels.
  • Vizcab Dashboard: a platform for capitalizing and reporting energy-carbon data from major real estate accounts, enabling them to manage and accelerate their carbon neutrality trajectory.
  • Vizcab Filtr:will produce environmental data scores which will be graded much like food warning labels for sugars and fats, giving everyone involved easily processed insight into how sustainable construction products are.

Contributing to the decarbonization of the real estate industry is part of A/O PropTech’s missions.

Vizcab illustrates the relevance of modeling and data science for low-carbon construction.

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