The future of PropTech is a growing concern as the digital era has reached the Real Estate market and investors increasingly seek tech-enabled ecosystems. The majority of capital investors expect residential and commercial real estate to be significantly influenced by PropTech advances.

For companies in the sector, this means that only the most versatile players will be able to continue winning customers, talent and capital.
However, as with many changes in rather traditional environments, adoption proves to be complicated.

The most commonly stated barriers to adoption of technology in Real Estate had been the lack of knowledge and training, associated costs and the uncertainty or lack of clarity on the returns of investments and benefits.

The confusion around the concept often starts at the defining step, as the borders and sub-verticals of PropTech are still being defined. The future PropTech is education at the scale of the many Real Estate stakeholders.

Unsurprisingly, many start-ups have emerged to leverage on the new possibilities. Next, to that, the market movements also present opportunities for researchers, consultants and other professionals in the industry to become the leading voices for traditional players in the industry.

PropTech is deemed to be a decisive part of a broader ecosystem, which is bringing about the data and technology transformation of the property industry.
Stay tuned as we’ll regularly update this page to share with you our assumption and findings on the future of PropTech.

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