Embracing Real Asset Revolution

Real estate – often portrayed as an industry ripe for disruption – is slow to embrace change. Notorious for its rigid stance toward new technology, real estate is lagging behind other industries digital transformation. Constructing, buying, selling and renting space is a timeless game. Nonetheless, the industry is finally starting to adopt a new and positive attitude towards change.

Due to its structural size, the RE sector is not comparable to any other industry. It is by far the largest asset class in the world, it is a fragmented and distinctive structure, with most players welcoming the relative lack of transparency and efficiencies. For this reason, it has been challenging for technology-driven players to break in up until recently. Recent moves made by some of the world’s largest tech companies now suggest otherwise. Having already overturned the established order in other industries, Amazon, Google, LLC and the Samsung Group are among the tech behemoths now setting their sights on the real estate market.

Our mission is to help transform the industry from its core. Push for more change, transparency, efficiency, accessibility and transforming the future of this industry which impacts all of us, one way or another.


Through A/O PropTech, we leverage the traditional eco-system and scale of the Real Estate sector with the flexible scalability of tech-enabled frameworks.

A/O PropTech combines deep real estate, data technologies and engineering expertise, direct access to large scale RE portfolio from selected LPs (owners and operators) with a permanent capital approach, all under one entrepreneurial leadership.

Our vision is built on decades of real asset investments, data science management as well as digital transformation expertise and the realisation that real estate can be the most potent medium to ignite change.

By reshaping its eco-system from within, into a more efficient, transparent, accessible and connected future, we can transform the lives of generations to come, starting today.


Differentiated Approach

Our permanent capital approach creates a complete alignment with entrepreneurs by removing structural timing limitation and inefficiencies from the decision-making process.

We are stage agnostic and focus on investments where we can be relevant and strategic with our assets, network, and ecosystem.

By being stage agnostic, we focus solely on backing entrepreneurs whose vision might be disruptive to the overall RE ecosystem, regardless of timing. We offer significant value-add and strategic impact on helping fuel the growth and long-term value creation.

We are looking for entrepreneurs and companies who have the ambition and the vision to shape the future of PropTech and Real Estate.

We help them re-imagine the ecosystem to build their vision and support them with our expertise, our extensive portfolio of assets which acts as a platform and testbed. It comes along with our patient approach to successful, long-lasting disruption and value creation.

Proptech Investment

We back and support companies from late seed to IPO. We’re comfortable with the rough imperfection of a new venture. We enable founders to create, iterate and scale disruptive tech enabled products and platforms. We help navigate the real estate market and its vast eco-system. We are shaping together the future of PropTech, starting today.

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