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5Q PropTech Interview – Tom Allason Founder & CEO at Residently

May 12, 2021

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your professional background and what brings you to where you are today?

I’ve spent the last 17 years building startups in the UK & US. My first was on-demand delivery platform eCourier which is now part of UK’s Royal Mail.

My last was Shutl a delivery marketplace for Ecommerce that was acquired by eBay.

Frustration from my experiences renting homes around the world led me to found Residently with fellow Shutler Sam.

We’re building the world’s home brand with a digital experience for renters that combines the freedom of renting with the reward of owning.

2. How would you define the market segment Residently operates in and what is your core value proposition?

Residently operates in the $2T home rental and services market.

For renters, we will be the default for how they find, transact and manage their home.

We earn our residents’ loyalty by removing friction from the rental process and elevating the experience of living in a rented home.

Our mission is to make Residently the most flexible, convenient and rewarding way to live.

We partner with property managers, agents and their landlords, for whom our free platform drives renter satisfaction, retention and ultimately ROI.

3. In a very competitive industry, what key attributes do you apply to stand out as a company?

Put simply we are resident obsessed! We have reimagined renting with the resident at the heart of everything.

They are our customers and a lifetime relationship is our goal.

This approach means we aren’t fighting over landlords and instead partner with rather than compete against agents, property managers, and their existing tech solutions.

4. A lot of your staff at Residently are operating all over the UK. How do you make sure that people still feel like they belong to a team?

We’ve been a distributed global team from day 1 which forced us to be intentional about bringing our team together.

Being vision and values-driven helps and our shared sense of purpose is cemented by the whole team having equity.

Pre-pandemic we were all working from home one day a week however in a way Covid helped us be more as one by removing the artificial divide of country/office/function.

We come together each week for an all-hands where we celebrate members of our team who have embodied the values that will make our vision a reality.

5. What experience from your previous successful companies is most helpful for your journey with Residently?

A reasonable understanding of what good looks like (and doesn’t).

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