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5Q PropTech Interview - Anthony Baker Co-founder & CEO at Satellite Vu

April 8, 2022

1. Anthony, what attracted you to entering the space industry?

I remember my father waking me up in the middle of the night to watch the last of the Apollo missions and I ended up studying Satellite Communications at university. More importantly, what kept me in the space industry and gets me out of bed every day, is the fascination of space technology and how now more than ever, it can help address our global challenges.

2. Why was it so important for you to start Satellite Vu?

I started Satellite Vu to address the enigma of why businesses are not using Earth Observation data more and what would it take for them to value it. EO data has been around since the Apollo days but remained in the realm of science and defence; I thought to myself “this data is so useful, surely there must be a way that it can be valued by business”. At Sat Vu we found such value propositions.

3. Can you please describe some of the initial applications for Satellite Vu’s thermal intelligence insights?

Satellite Vu will be able to monitor the thermal emissions of any structure around the world in a consistent, standardized and repeatable manner. Enabling true comparisons for the thermal performance of buildings, pollution monitoring and the transparency on many Net Zero metrics.

4.When does Satellite Vu anticipate launching its first satellite into low earth orbit? How large will the constellation be and what makes this constellation different from others?

Our first satellite will launch in early 2023, with the constellation following in early 2024 consisting of a total of 7 satellites. The constellation is unique, providing unparalleled high resolution thermal imagery and revisit capability.

5. How do you think the worlds of proptech, climatetech, and spacetech are converging?

The global challenge is to manage a growing global population and its increasing urbanization, while reducing our carbon footprint towards Net Zero. Many of our legacy buildings and industrial processes will need to be upgraded or closed and preforming this transition, in a just and measured manner will require constant, consistent and verifiable data; earth sensing satellite will be a large source of this information.

Discover why we invested in Satellite Vu here.

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